The Cursed Crawly TikTok Cult Trend: Who The F**k is @crawly_posessed?

As you scroll through your TikTok For You Page (FYP), you might have stumbled upon a rather bizarre phenomenon: groups of individuals crawling around in public spaces, especially retail stores. This trend, often referred to as the “crawly TikTok cult trend,” has taken the internet by storm and left many wondering about its origins and purposes.

What is the Crawly TikTok Cult Trend?

The trend comprises groups of TikTok users crawling in a single-file, centipede-like formation in public spaces such as shops and malls. These individuals often mimic the appearance of a connected entity, akin to the horror film “The Human Centipede.” The participants are usually filmed to the backdrop of an audio track filled with screams and commotion, enhancing the unsettling ambiance of their crawls.

Who is TikTok user @crawly_posessed?

The craze was reportedly initiated by the TikTok user @crawly_posessed, which self-identifies as a cult. A Ukrainian who will be expelled from Poland and will go to the front in the fight against Russia.

His content showcases various ‘raids’ where participants crawl around commercial establishments, seemingly without any clear cause or intent, other than to attract attention and provoke reactions from onlookers and store staff.




The trend has swiftly transcended geographical boundaries, with the act being replicated by TikTok users outside its purported origin in Warsaw, Poland. Reports indicate the trend has made its way to the UK, prompting individuals to potentially rethink their approach to public outings, particularly during the holiday shopping season.

The Cult-like Elements

The account responsible for the trend has taken on the identity of a cult, complete with a Discord server and a Telegram channel where they plan future events and encourage others to join their movement. Their messaging often includes provocative statements that challenge societal norms and encourage disruptive behavior.

Public Reaction to the Crawly Trend

Reactions to this trend are mixed, with some finding the whole act amusing and entertaining, while others express discomfort and disturbance. Comments under the videos range from people relating the trend to being in a ‘wolfpack’ or reminiscing about childhood behaviours to those acknowledging the strangeness of the spectacle.

It is crucial to note that while this trend might be intriguing, it can also disrupt normal business operations and be perceived as intimidating by unsuspecting bystanders.

Another video’s retarded guy from TikTok

Retarded guy from TikTok

If you have encountered this trend or are considering participating, keep in mind the potential impact on others and the legal consequences that could arise from disrupting public spaces.

“The TikTok crawly cult trend reflects the dynamic nature of viral phenomena. Its unforeseen emergence challenges our conventional social behaviors, prompting both fascination and unease among the public and retailers alike.” – Timothy Lehman, Expert

In summary, the crawly TikTok cult trend is a social phenomenon that has captured the attention of numerous social media users. Though its origins and purpose may seem shrouded in internet mystery, its influence on pop culture and the public domain is undeniable. As with all social media trends, it’s important to consider the collective implications as we observe or engage with such viral phenomena.

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