Is It Good to Eat Food That Goes Through Airport Security?

Whenever I travel, I make sure to pack some snacks, mainly because I’m always hungry and looking to save some cash at the airport. But have you ever wondered if it’s safe to eat the food that’s gone through the X-ray machine at airport security? From my research, I’ve found out that eating food that’s been through airport security is perfectly fine. The FDA mentions that there are no known adverse effects from consuming food that has been scanned by the X-ray systems in airports. These machines use such a low dose of radiation (about 1 millirad or less) that it doesn’t affect the food’s safety or nutritional value.

Can Airport Scanners Detect Food?

Yes, they can, and it’s pretty fascinating tech if you ask me. Airport scanners, especially backscatter X-rays, are designed to detect a range of things, from guns to your sandwich. They can see both metallic and non-metallic items, and that includes food. It’s important not to forget that these X-ray machines can also identify dense materials inside foods, like if there’s a piece of metal, plastic, or even glass in there which is crucial for health and safety.

Why Does TSA Scan Food?

The TSA may ask us to scan or sometimes even remove food from our bags because it helps them get a clearer view of what’s inside when our baggage goes through the X-ray machine. Although you’re not obliged to take your food out, doing so might speed up the screening process, which is always a nice bonus with the long lines at airports.

Radiation From Baggage Scanners

If you’re worried about the radiation from the X-ray scanners, let me put your mind at ease. According to a statement on, the radiation dose from typical airport baggage scanners is incredibly low, around 0.01 milligray (mGy). It’s so tiny that there’s no significant risk to your health, even if by some fluke your hand ends up inside the machine.

TSA Rules for Carrying Food on Planes

I’m sure many fellow travelers will agree with me that snacking can make any flight more pleasant. TSA rules state that you can indeed bring your own snacks on a plane. Whether you’re in the mood for a cheeseburger or just some chips, you can munch on them while waiting for your flight or on the plane itself. Just remember that liquids have their own set of rules, and the infamous 3-1-1 liquids rule applies to them. So, no soups or creamy dips unless they’re under 3.4 ounces and fit in a quart-sized bag!

Food Restrictions on Planes

While you can bring many solid foods on a plane, there are some restrictions. Creamy cheeses, honey, peanut butter, salad dressing, and similar items fall under the liquids rule I just mentioned. It’s better to pack these in your checked luggage unless they’re in small containers and within the liquids limit.

Airport Scanners and Personal Privacy

I’ve had friends ask me if airport scanners can see through clothes or if they can see a tampon during a body scan. Airport body scanners use radio waves to detect objects under clothing, but don’t worry – they don’t show any anatomical details, so private parts and menstrual products aren’t visible.

What About Pregnancy and Medical Devices?

For any expectant mothers out there, airport scanners are deemed safe during pregnancy. And you don’t need to worry about breast implants or other medical devices either, because airport scanners are capable of differentiating these from other objects.

Carrying Essential Personal Items

It’s such a relief to know that you can carry essential personal items like period pads or condoms without triggering an alarm or causing a scene at security. Just remember that foil packaging can sometimes be detected by metal detectors, so your carry-on might be the best place for those.

“As a tourism expert, it’s reassuring to know that everyday items like food subjected to airport security screening do not suffer any ill effects from x-ray irradiation. It’s perfectly safe to eat items that have gone through scanners. These regulations are in place to protect travelers and ensure safety without compromising health.”

Timothy Lehman,

As a frequent flyer and an avid snacker, it’s reassuring to know the airport security process doesn’t compromise the safety of the food I bring along. Whether I’m packing a sandwich or some chocolates, I’m confident that they’re just as safe to consume post-screening as they were before. And with the clarity on privacy concerns and what you can bring on board, navigating TSA screenings is simpler, leaving more time to enjoy those snacks and stress less about the journey. Safe travels and happy snacking, everyone!

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