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Looking for a female Uber driver? You’ve come to the right place. As an inclusive and diverse platform, Uber acknowledges the importance of gender diversity in its driver community. That’s why Uber has introduced initiatives to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all, including women and non-binary driver-partners.

Uber’s Women Rider Preference feature allows women and non-binary registered driver-partners to express a preference to only receive trip requests from women riders. This additional feature provides women and non-binary drivers with extra peace of mind and the confidence to earn anytime, anywhere while improving their earning opportunities. To activate Women Rider Preference, drivers can simply update their gender details in the Uber app’s Account settings.

While this feature is currently available to driver-partners in Australia, Uber is committed to promoting gender diversity in its driver community worldwide. The company actively works towards increasing female representation through initiatives such as female driver recruitment and attracting more female Uber drivers to ensure a well-balanced and inclusive driver pool.

Whether it’s for personal preference, cultural reasons, or simply feeling more comfortable, finding a female Uber driver is now easier than ever. So if you’re looking to have a safe and comfortable ride, request a female Uber driver today. Experience the reliability and professionalism of Uber’s female driver community while enjoying the same convenient ride-hailing service you know and trust.

Safety Features for Female-Friendly Driver Services

Uber is committed to providing a safe and comfortable experience for both riders and drivers, especially for female passengers and female uber drivers. To ensure their well-being, Uber has implemented several safety features and initiatives that prioritize the security of everyone involved.

Phone Number Anonymization

Uber prioritizes privacy by anonymizing phone numbers. This means that the contact information of both drivers and riders is kept confidential, ensuring that personal details remain protected.

Follow My Ride/Share My Trip

The Follow My Ride/Share My Trip feature allows riders to share their trip details with friends and family in real-time. This added layer of transparency instills confidence, knowing that loved ones can monitor the journey and ensure the passenger’s safety.


Uber’s RideCheck® feature utilizes sensors and GPS data to detect any anomalies during a trip. If a trip doesn’t go as planned or if there are concerns about safety, RideCheck® provides access to emergency assistance. This feature not only enhances safety but also acts as a proactive measure to mitigate any potential risks.

In-App Emergency Button

Uber prioritizes swift access to emergency services by including an in-app Emergency Button. This button connects drivers and riders to local emergency services, guaranteeing quick assistance in case of any emergencies or dangerous situations.

24/7 Support and Safety Guidelines

Uber provides 24/7 support to address any concerns or issues that drivers or passengers may encounter. Safety guidelines and protocols have been developed, ensuring that all Uber users are aware of the expected standards of conduct and behavior.

Partnerships and Education

Uber actively collaborates with organizations that promote safety and prevent sexual assault. Through partnerships, Uber extends its commitment to providing a safe environment for everyone. Additionally, Uber invests in safety education materials and campaigns to raise awareness about important safety practices and issues.

By implementing these safety features and initiatives, Uber is dedicated to creating a secure environment for female uber drivers and increasing female representation in the uber driver community.

Benefits of Female Uber Drivers
Enhanced SafetyFemale passengers may feel more comfortable with a female driver, creating a safer and more secure experience for all parties involved.
Empowerment and RepresentationIncreased female representation in the uber driver community empowers women and promotes diversity within the industry.
Improved Customer SatisfactionFemale uber drivers often possess unique qualities and empathy that can contribute to higher customer satisfaction levels.
Building TrustBy providing a female-friendly driver option, Uber builds trust and demonstrates its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its riders.

Tips for Safety and Conflict Prevention

Female Uber and Lyft drivers have shared valuable tips for ensuring their safety and avoiding potentially dangerous situations. By following these suggestions, female drivers can minimize risks and enhance their overall experience.

One important tip is to prioritize daytime driving. By sticking to daylight hours, female uber drivers can benefit from increased visibility and feel more secure on the road. Furthermore, staying close to familiar areas can provide an added sense of security.

During conversations with riders, it’s advisable for drivers to avoid controversial topics that may lead to conflicts. Maintaining a neutral and friendly tone can help create a positive environment throughout the ride.

Some female drivers choose to review a customer’s profile before accepting a ride. This allows them to assess any potential concerns and decline the request if necessary. These precautious measures empower female drivers to make informed decisions about their trips.

By adhering to these safety measures, female uber drivers can reduce the chances of encountering unsafe situations. It’s important for both riders and drivers to prioritize safety and comply with Uber’s community guidelines, fostering a comfortable and secure environment for all.


How can I get a female Uber driver?

While you cannot specifically request a female Uber driver, Uber has launched the Women Rider Preference feature, which allows women and non-binary registered driver-partners to express a preference to only receive trip requests from women riders. This can increase the likelihood of being matched with a female driver.

Are there female Uber drivers available?

Yes, Uber has a diverse community of drivers, including female drivers. They strive to promote gender diversity in their driver community and are actively working on initiatives to attract and hire more female drivers.

What safety features does Uber offer for female drivers?

Uber has implemented a range of safety features to ensure a secure and comfortable experience for both riders and drivers. These features include phone number anonymization, the Follow My Ride/Share My Trip feature, RideCheck® for detecting unusual trips, and the in-app Emergency Button that connects drivers and riders to local emergency services.

How can female Uber drivers stay safe on the job?

Female Uber drivers can follow several tips to enhance their safety, such as driving only during the day, staying close to home, avoiding controversial topics during conversations with riders, and checking the customer’s profile before accepting a ride.

Can riders contribute to a safe environment for female Uber drivers?

Absolutely! Both riders and drivers need to prioritize safety and adhere to Uber’s community guidelines. It is essential to create a comfortable and secure environment together by respecting each other’s boundaries and behaving in a respectful manner.

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