Can I Fly to Europe Unvaccinated 2024?

Embarking on a journey to Europe is an exciting prospect, and in today’s context, it poses a common question about the vaccination requirements amid the ever-changing travel regulations. As of my latest knowledge, the answer to whether you can fly to Europe unvaccinated is a reassuring yes. All European countries have lifted the former stringent requirements of vaccination or COVID testing for entry. This dramatic shift towards relaxed travel restrictions marks a significant step towards the normalization of pre-pandemic travel experiences.

Understanding Travel Requirements

For an unvaccinated individual, traveling abroad necessitates a thorough understanding of the ‘entry requirements’ of the destination country. Although Europe generally permits entry to unvaccinated travelers, it is advisable to review any specific country’s guidelines as they can modify regulations with little notice. Occasionally, some countries might ask for a negative COVID test or proof of recovery for entry.

Germany: A Case in Point

Take Germany, for instance, a country known for its robust response during the pandemic, has now lifted all COVID-19 entry restrictions. Whether you are drawn by the vibrant culture, the historic landmarks, or the picturesque landscapes, you can visit Germany without the need to present proof of vaccination, proof of recovery, or a negative test result for entry.

Vaccination and Greece

Venturing to Greece is equivalent to stepping into a world rich with history and stunning natural beauty. When it comes to entry, tourists are not obligated to be vaccinated. Nevertheless, possessing a vaccination certificate can expedite the process upon arrival, making your travel smoother and more efficient.

Flying to France

France, the country synonymous with romance and art, no longer requires travelers to submit a sworn statement of non-contamination nor an undertaking to take a test upon arrival. The ease of these measures highlights the resilience and the commitment to facilitate tourism while safeguarding public health.

Rules for Other European Countries

  • Spain: Spain welcomes travelers from the USA with either a vaccination certificate, a negative test, or a recovery certificate, provided they are over 12 years old.
  • United Kingdom: There’s good news if England is on your itinerary. You do not need any COVID-19 travel tests or quarantine if you qualify as fully vaccinated.
  • Italy: La dolce vita awaits with no entry restrictions or requirements for a vaccination certificate, test results, or passenger locator forms.
  • Croatia: Sun-seekers rejoice; Croatia does not require a COVID test upon arrival.
  • Switzerland: Known for its neutrality and beautiful landscapes, Switzerland has no entry restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Traveling to and from the United States

The United States has also eased its approach. Noncitizen nonimmigrant air passengers no longer need to show proof of being fully vaccinated with an accepted COVID-19 vaccine to board a flight to the United States.

“As travel restrictions ease globally, we’re seeing an uptick in interest for European destinations. My latest article dives into the updated policies, highlighting how travelers can navigate this new landscape unvaccinated. It’s important to stay informed as these regulations are subject to change.” – Timothy Lehman, Expert

Vaccination Requirements Elsewhere

Poland, like many of its European neighbors, has lifted all related travel restrictions. There is no longer a requirement to present a vaccination certificate upon crossing the border. Meanwhile, Japan has joined the list of countries opening its doors to unvaccinated tourists, eliminating the need for vaccination proof and negative PCR test results for entry.

Country/RegionVaccination Required for Entry?COVID-19 Test Required for Entry?Additional Information
Europe (General)NoVaries by CountrySome destinations may require a negative COVID test or proof of recovery for entry.
GermanyNoNoNo proof of vaccination, recovery, or testing needed for entry.
GreeceNoNoVaccination certificate facilitates procedures upon arrival.
FranceNoNoNo sworn statement of non-contamination or undertaking for antigen test/screening needed.
SpainYes (for travelers over 12 years old)NoAccepted vaccines listed; other health requirements must be met.
England (UK)No (if fully vaccinated)NoNo travel tests or self-isolation on arrival if fully vaccinated.
ItalyNoNoNo vaccination certificates, tests, or passenger locator forms required.
CroatiaNoNoNo COVID test required to travel to Croatia.
SwitzerlandNoNoNo entry restrictions or proof of health status required.
United StatesNo (for noncitizen nonimmigrants as of May 12, 2023)NoProof of vaccination not needed for noncitizen nonimmigrants.
PolandNoNoAll travel restrictions related to COVID-19 lifted.
JapanNo (as of April 29, 2023)NoNo proof of vaccination or negative PCR test results needed.
NetherlandsNoNoNo COVID test required for entry.
Dubai (UAE)NoNoNo vaccination certificates or negative PCR test results required.
PortugalNoNoNo proof of test or certification needed; entry restrictions lifted.

Please note the information is subject to change and travelers should verify entry requirements for each destination before traveling as policies may update after the knowledge cutoff date.


While most travelers are not required to be vaccinated to enter various European countries, it’s wise to consider that certain health and safety protocols can remain in fluctuation. Keeping abreast of the latest information is crucial for a hassle-free journey.

Adding practical tips to the discussion, always ensure to:

  • Check the most recent regulations and requirements before booking flights and accommodations.
  • Have flexible travel plans to adapt to potential last-minute changes in entry protocols.
  • Stay informed about local safety measures and guidelines once at the destination.

Did you know that traveling to Europe unvaccinated for COVID-19 is largely accessible now? While each country has its own entry rules, many European destinations have dropped their vaccination requirements, making the old continent more welcoming than it’s been in years! Imagine sipping a café au lait by the Eiffel Tower, or taking in the ancient splendor of the Acropolis without the hassle of vaccine passports. Even better, the United States lifted its vaccination requirement for inbound noncitizen, nonimmigrant travelers as of May 12, 2023. So, pack your bags – adventure awaits in a world gradually re-embracing the spirit of travel!

Traveling unvaccinated in the current climate is not only possible, it’s becoming increasingly accessible. However, it should always be complemented with responsible awareness and proactive planning.

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