Can CLEAR Replace TSA PreCheck When Traveling?

When you’re hustling through airport security, you might wonder if CLEAR can serve as a substitute for TSA PreCheck. The short answer is no—you can’t use CLEAR as a direct replacement for TSA PreCheck. I’ve learned the hard way that while CLEAR does streamline the initial part of the screening process, it doesn’t provide the same benefits once you hit the physical security checks.

What CLEAR Does Differently

CLEAR uses biometric identification, which includes fingerprint and iris scans to confirm your identity quickly. After enrolling, which I did right at the airport, I just head to the CLEAR kiosk, scan my eyes or fingerprints, and I’m escorted past the long lines straight to the security checkpoints. It’s a real timesaver, especially during peak travel hours.

Combining CLEAR with TSA PreCheck

For me, the best airport experience comes from using both TSA PreCheck and CLEAR. CLEAR’s biometric screening gets me past the ID check hurdle in a snap, and then TSA PreCheck provides an expedited physical screening process where I don’t have to remove shoes, laptops, or liquids from my bags.

The Specifics of TSA PreCheck

TSA PreCheck, on the other hand, is more focused on screening your carry-on and your person. It’s a government-run program that pre-approves low-risk travelers for lighter security screening at airports.

“Having TSA PreCheck makes airport security a breeze,” says frequent traveler Maria Gonzalez, “I never worry about taking off my shoes or pulling out my laptop anymore.”

Clearing Up the Costs

When considering the costs, Clear’s annual membership fee of $189 might seem steep, especially when compared to PreCheck’s $85 fee for five years. But, as an avid traveler, I find the investment to be worthwhile for the sheer convenience it adds to my travels.

Global Entry: A Viable Alternative to PreCheck

For those who travel internationally, there’s also Global Entry, which includes TSA PreCheck and streamlines U.S. customs checks upon re-entry. It’s about $22 more than TSA PreCheck, but with it, you get expedited entry back into the country, which can be a lifesaver after a long flight.

Using CLEAR PASS has been a game-changer for getting through security, and I highly recommend adding TSA PreCheck if you travel often. It’s like having an express pass for both the identification check and the security screening. Plus, kids under 18 can tag along with you through the CLEAR lane at no additional cost—an excellent perk for family travel.

Credit Cards That Pay For It

What’s more, some credit cards and loyalty programs cover the costs of TSA PreCheck, CLEAR, or even both. For instance, holders of certain Amex cards can get a free annual CLEAR membership, which, when I stack that with TSA PreCheck, gives me a very VIP feeling every time I breeze through airport security.

FactSource Reference
Clear can be used instead of TSA PreCheck, but only covers the initial ID
Without TSA PreCheck, Clear members still need to follow standard security
Having both TSA PreCheck and Clear can provide a more expedited airport security
TSA PreCheck and CLEAR are two separate security screening
Global Entry includes TSA PreCheck benefits and is useful for international
The annual membership cost for Clear is $
Clear can be combined with TSA PreCheck to expedite both identity verification and physical security
CLEAR Plus and Global Entry can assist with airport security and customs
A Clear membership can be joined by any U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident over
CLEAR and TSA PreCheck together expedite both identity checking and security screening at
Enrolling in CLEAR involves validation of ID and taking
CLEAR is not a direct replacement for Global Entry and serves a different aspect of
Some credit cards, such as Aeroplan and American Express, offer TSA PreCheck for
Global Entry is for entering the U.S. from abroad whereas TSA PreCheck is for expedited security
CLEAR works with any airline and is available at select sports
CLEAR members can add family for a fee, and those under 18 can use CLEAR lanes for free when traveling with
Some American Express cards offer a complimentary annual CLEAR Plus
CLEAR provides expedited processing at security lanes by confirming identity via
The TSA 3-1-1 liquids rule applies to carry-on bags and limits the size of liquids, gels, and

“Clear is a game-changer for frequent flyers, simplifying and expediting the airport security process. While it’s distinct from TSA PreCheck, combining both programs can provide the ultimate airport experience. My comprehensive article analyzes these services, highlighting their unique advantages and potential synergies, offering travelers the know-how to navigate airport security with unparalleled ease.”

Timothy Lehman, Expert

Booking with Confidence

For those booking flights and feeling uncertain about which security program to include, here’s a piece of advice from globe-trotter Jackson Li, “Having the flexibility of CLEAR and PreCheck allows me to pick the shortest line every single time.

You could zip through airport security lines with CLEAR, a biometric scanning system that verifies your ID instantly, making you feel like a VIP traveler! Or top that by combining CLEAR with TSA PreCheck, creating the ultimate fast pass to breeze past those queues while keeping your shoes cozily on and electronics stowed away.

Frequent flyers, rejoice! With credit cards offering CLEAR for free, you can now say goodbye to the annual fee and hello to smooth flying. And if you’re an international globetrotter, Global Entry might be your best friend, whisking you past customs and back home with ease.

Got TSA PreCheck and mulling over Global Entry? No need for double duty—Global Entry includes all the perks of PreCheck plus expedited U.S. customs screening. It’s like having an elite status in the travel world, without the hefty price tag.

While CLEAR alone isn’t a complete alternative to TSA PreCheck, pairing the two can seriously upgrade your travel experience, minimizing hassle and maximizing your time. Sure, there’s a cost involved, but the value in terms of saved time and stress is, for many, more than worth it. Keep in mind, though, personal circumstances vary, so weigh the benefits against your specific travel habits and preferences.

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